Sovereignty and the Environment

When will we stop trampling over everything and everyone in fealty to the God of Oil? Now we’re back to screwing the Native Americans.

I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the news.  It seems that bad news keeps coming as fast as I can read it.  Trying to decide what to write about is like a bad version of going into a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop – only there are WAY more than 31 flavors and each one wants to kill you.

I’m going to take a topic that combines several subjects.  Pipelines.  Specifically, the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) but this also goes for the Keystone XL pipeline.

If you look at their website, the pipeline folks will tell you that this is the safest, most economical way to transport the crude oil.  And they might be right – when comparing it to other methods of moving the oil.  However..  There are a few things they won’t tell you.

The question I ask in all this is – where are the 2nd Amendment ammosexuals?  These are the people like Ted Cruz who says the 2nd Amendment is the last bastion of defense against a rampaging government.  Where are you when “police” show up looking like they’re from the Army?  Where are you when cops start shooting at people praying while North Dakota introduces legislation legalizing vehicular manslaughter?  And while I’m at it – look at that last link,  People being shot at while PRAYING!  Where are the folks complaining about religious freedom being trampled on?

Fact is, because of railroads, we don’t need this pipeline.  And that’s assuming we have a need for the oil.  Remember the Keystone XL?  Remember Trump promising that he’ll put Americans first?  These pipelines are to take oil from North Dakota and Canada and get them to the Gulf (DAPL hooks up with other pipelines in Illinois) so they can sell overseas.  The argument about “energy independence” is bogus (thanks to the natural gas boom).  The real reason is for exporting oil – which was illegal until the law preventing it was rescinded in December 2016.

Sure, there are temporary jobs – but those will be gone when it’s built and there will be only 35 jobs for the Keystone XL pipeline and just 40 full time jobs for the DAPL despite Trump’s claim of 28,000.

Meanwhile, these pipeline would further endanger the Gulf of Mexico with more oil more risk.  But you don’t even have to go that far.  Remember earlier with the website that claimed how safe pipelines were?

By the time of this article in October 2016 there were 220 “significant” spills in the US.

We don’t need this.