A brief bit about me and why this blog is here.

My first election was in 1980.  Living in New Hampshire, I took it very seriously as we have the “first in the nation primary” and a big deal is made of it.

I was more conservative back then.  In the end, I ended up voting for Ronald Reagan and, in 4 years, voted to re-elect him.

I was raised the way a lot of kids were raised back then.  We were taught to believe that “socialism” was another word for “communism”.  After all, the Soviets had the word “Socialist” right in the name of their country!  Then again, Libya and North Korea had the word “Democratic” in their names and we all know how ‘democratic’ THEY were.

As time went on, I’d gotten married, divorced, remarried, had a couple of kids and went through all the trials and tribulations that normally go along with those life events.  Over the course of those years I also gave up on my religion (I was raised Catholic but certain opinions of the Pope, John Paul II to be precise, combined with the handling of the scandal with the priests raping all those kids caused me to leave the faith).  I started moderating a bit of my views as life went on.  My views on health care started to change when I spent 7 years working for a hospital and found out that not everything was the way I was told it was.  My views on the pro-choice/pro-life argument moderated when I saw the hypocrisy in the pro-life movement and the thousands of kids waiting for homes.  My views on taxation changed when we went from having a national surplus and cut taxes for the rich, blowing a hole in the budget and eventually leaving us with an annual deficit of over a trillion and a half dollars.

I felt more and more frustration at the country became increasingly polarized.  The partisanship seemed to have no ceiling.  We went from being two parties that eventually worked some back room deals to get things done to “we love it” until the other guy comes up with the same idea and then it’s “we hate it”.

I’ve watched more and more people exhibit racist behavior all while denying it exits.  I’ve seen people doing the same things their opponents did and claim it doesn’t exist and never did..

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.  This political blog is a kind of therapy for me to get my thoughts and observations out there.  The final item that made me create this was that I noticed how many times I would get into the same argument on Facebook over and over again.  Well, eventually, as I build up a library of posts – which I’m basing on research and will provide extensive links to my sources – I’ll be able to simply respond with a link instead of having to type everything up all over again.  …at least that’s the plan.  Where I work, we have a saying.  “No Operation Plan survives first contact with the enemy”

We’ll see how this goes.