The Swamp starts to get it’s way

Remember Trump the Candidate?  Back in early 2016, he bragged about how he bought influence on Capitol Hill.  Instead of being outraged, sites like Infowars (I will not link to them) suggested in March 2016 that Trump was best suited to eliminating that sort of influence-peddling since he knew how it was done.

At the tail end of the campaign, Trump said he wanted to “drain the swap” that was Washington of the moneyed influence.  In December, it appeared that he might have been dropping the idea.  As soon as that report came out, Trump insisted he still wanted to drain it.

Then his cabinet picks started to happen.  The man who jumped all over Clinton’s ties to Goldman-Sachs during the campaign  then opened the doors to the White House to members of that club:

So once the swamp was re-stocked with the people who brought us The Great Recession of 2008, what did Trump do?

Trump didn’t drain the swamp.  He loaded it up with more mosquito larvae and we’re going to have a hell of a time when they hatch.

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