Hello, and, “Why am I here?”

So.  I started this.  Why did I do that?

Well, it boils down to one part frustration and several repeated parts of redundant Facebook posts.

The frustration is in seeing a lot of topics out there that I want to comment on because of just how unsettling a period of time we’re living in. I’ll make no secret of it, I did not vote for President Donald Trump.  This is going to be my vent for his actions that I disagree with.  I’m not going to limit it to the President, my frustration at the Republican Party has been growing for many, many years.  And it’s likely, if I run out of arguments against the conservatives (whom I used to be allied with) that I’ll pick on liberals as well.  It’s hard to tell conservatives to “listen to the scientists” on climate change and NOT say it to certain liberals who still think vaccines cause autism.

The repeated redundant part?  That’s from getting involved in the same or similar Facebook discussions over and over again.  I see something that demands a response and I go do some research to make sure I have the fact right.  I post the information and maybe some discussion happens.  Two weeks later, I see the same meme again and it starts all over again.

Now, I’ll have these pages as a permanent record of said research and I’ll be able to simply post a link.  It’ll be more efficient and just as effective (which is to say ‘not’).  I know what arguing on Facebook produces..  But I can’t just sit quietly and let the truth get stomped on constantly.

I’m planning on having my first “real” post this weekend.  The original plan was to do a summary of President Trump’s first week in office.  It’s only Wednesday, as I write this, but I already know that there’s more material than I can expect to cover.  I’m going to have to pick a “greatest hits” list of all the stuff I’ve been collecting.  That’s not to say it’s all bad – I’ll give the guy props if I agree with something.

I started out, in my first election, as a conservative.  Over the years, I’ve changed my views on many things as more information has become available to me.  Today’s Republican bears little resemblance to the Republican of 1980.  I’ve watched as that Party has changed and twisted in horrible ways over the last couple of decades.  I can’t just let my words evaporate.  I want someplace where my words can stand and represent.  So today I did that.  I made this space.

Now let’s see if I’m up to the task of keeping things going.

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